How old do I have to be to attend?

The minimum age requirement for entrance at the festival is 18 (eighteen) years of age, celebrated to the date that the visitor intends to attend the event.

Minors will not be allowed access to the event, even those accompanied by a parent or guardian or those who are legally emancipated.

Important: As proof of age, an official ID with a photograph issued by the Brazilian Government will be required at the entrance (ID, passport or original driver’s license) or, in the case of foreigners, a valid passport.


What time do the doors open?

The doors open at 4pm, April, 21st .

What time do the doors close?

The doors close at 4am, April, 22nd.

Will I be allowed to leave the venue and re-enter?

No. Once you leave the festival grounds, you may not re­-enter.

Where can I buy my ticket?

For more information about Electric Zoo Festival tickets, click here.

What are the payment options?

For more information about payment options, click here.

Who can buy half-price tickets?

Half-price admissions will be applied for Brazilian citizens in accordance with the legal provisions in force at the time we make tickets available for purchase, granting benefits to the following categories:

  • Students: Pursuant to Law 12.933/2013 and Decree 8.537/2015, Brazilian students who bear the Student Identification Card (CIE);
  • Elderly: Pursuant to Federal Law Number 10.741/2003 (Statute of the Elderly), people aged 60 (sixty) and over that can prove such condition by means of an official photo ID;
  • People with Disabilities: as determined under Law Number 12.933/13, who prove this condition by means of an official document with a photo accompanied by the Card of Continued Benefit of the Social Assistance of the person with disability or of the document issued by the National Institute of Social Security (“INSS”), which certifies the retirement pursuant to Complementary Law 142/2013. Accompanying persons will also be entitled to the half-entry, upon presentation of a declaration of need of companion, by the person with a disability or by the companion at the entrance of the festival;
  • Professionals from schools of the state and municipal public education networks in the state of São Paulo: in accordance with State Law Number 15.298/14, directors, educational coordinators, supervisors and others who hold job positions in the state and municipal public school network who present an official photo ID, as well as a professional ID card or pay stub.
  • Low-income young people between 15 and 29 years old: according to Law 12.933/2013 and Decree 8.537/2015. Low-income people aged 15 to 29, registered in the CADUNICO who have a family income of up to 2 (two) minimum wages and present the Youth Identity accompanied by an official document with a photo.

VIP service is an optional and additional benefit, not subject to half-price regulations, and can only be acquired in combination with a ticket.

Pursuant to Law 12.933 /13, a document conference for the right to half-entry may be required at the time of purchase and access to the festival.

Should participants fail to present the necessary documents that attest to their half-price ticket benefit, they will be required to pay the complementary value associated to the specific ticket lot that was purchased to enter the festival, as per the procedure that will be duly informed upon access to the event by the festival staff.

Should participants fail to present a document that attests to their half-price ticket benefit or fail to pay the complementary value, access to the event will be denied.

Electric Zoo reserves the right to require the presentation of an official document with photo whenever necessary to confirm the benefit of the half-entry.


What are the delivery methods available?

Wild Pass Tickets: print your e-ticket, sent by email, and present it at the festival entrance to access the event.

VIP Wild Pass and VIP Beast Experience Tickets: the VIP customer ticket is the festival bracelet. Choose shipping or pick up your bracelet at the festival entrance.

I have question/concern about my ticket order. What should I do?

Please, contact: info@electriczoofestival.com.br.

Codes Of Conduct
What items am I not allowed to bring with me?

At the premises of the Festival, including the parking lot area, you (or any other person on your behalf) may not bring the items listed below to the event, considering that this list is simply explanatory and not exclusive:

  • Food or beverages purchased outside of Electric Zoo Brasil;
  • Cars, trailers, motor homes, etc.;
  • No glass allowed;
  • Drugs, paraphernalia, prescription medicine where the person does not have a prescription (to be presented upon request) or is sharing with others and other products used for an unintended purpose. People who require nutrients or medication for medical reasons (e.g. diabetes) must be in possession of a medical prescription with their name clearly listed, including a daily dosage that is compatible with the time spent at the Festival;
  • Projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous form;
  • Inflammable products or materials and sprays;
  • Pyrotechnical objects of any type (e.g. sparklers, bottle rockets);
  • No generators of any sort;
  • No cookers or gas ranges;
  • Barrels and cylinders containing gases or liquids of any kind;
  • Any weapons or dangerous objects, knives, sharp objects, or bruising object which could be used in such a way (sticks, chains, stabbing or thrust weapons and the like);
  • Materials destined to manufacture bombs or any other products that may cause explosions and/or fires;
  • Animals (other than service dogs as permitted hereunder);
  • Deodorant or perfume in big bottles or sprays (cosmetics which are a normal shape and size are allowed max size 30oz/90ml);
  • Laser pointers;
  • Professional cameras (detachable lens);
  • Water guns or misters;
  • Chairs;
  • Stuffed Animals;
  • Flyers, stickers, posters;
  • Ink and pens;
  • Flags bigger than 1.5m long and 01m wide;
  • Inflatable mattres);
  • Inflatable objects with harmfull material;
  • Drone;
  • Walkie talkie;
  • Electroportables;
  • Selfie stick;
  • Umbrellas;
  • Jugglings;
  • Poisonous or toxic substances;
  • Food and beverage;
  • Soccer team t-shirts;
  • Thermal bottles and Gourds;
  • Paper rolls (magazines, newspapers);
  • Helmets;
  • Skateboard / Skates;
  • Bicycle;
  • Polystyrene or storage utensils;
  • Every item that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd and/or inflict damage to people and goods in the sole discretion of event staff.

The event organizer reserves to the right to review and update this list of forbidden objects at any time.


Can I bring a GoPro?

Yes, GoPro cameras are allowed. However, GoPro attachments such as sticks, selfie sticks or monopods are not allowed.

Can I bring selfie sticks?

No, sticks are not allowed at the festival.

Can I pass out flyers for my event or business at the festival?

It is not allowed event or business flyers at the festival.

What is the customer service contact?

For more information, doubts, sugestions, please contact: info@electriczoofestival.com.br.